Grill Operator -- Waffle House -- Lexington, KY (Walden Drive)

Company Name:
Waffle House
DRAFTThe Grill Operator is responsible to prepare, organize, and arrange cooked foods. He/She must know how to perform all station duties including Fry, Griddle, Pantry, Flat Top, and cooking eggs. The Grill Operator must also communicate with the manager at all times as well as the servers to make sure that the processing of customer orders are going smoothly. He/She is expected to perform all the delegated tasks as ordered by the management and must maintain the cleanliness and organization of the work station in accordance with the company's operational standards.
The ideal candidate for this position has a high school diploma/GED, one to two years prior experience in a food service setting, currently Serv-Safe certified (or willing to become certified), and a genuine desire to expand their knowledge base and skills in the food service industry.
The following is a representative list of the duties and responsibilities associated with this position:
-- Prepare grill menu items
-- Ability to work several kitchen stations Fry, Griddle, Pantry, Flat Top, and cooking eggs
-- Assist other cooks when needed
-- Work efficiently as part of team
-- Comprehensive knowledge of food preparation and handling techniques
-- General knowledge of and able to follow all safety and sanitation rules and practices
-- Responsible for hot food preparation, including accompaniments and garnishes
-- Serve tasteful and eye appealing food items
-- Complete records as specified by production system and stores food items properly at the close of meal service
-- Clean work area and equipment used in food preparation
-- Ensure that all hot food preparation and assembling is done in accordance with established procedures
-- Demonstrate knowledge of fire safety procedures and assists with evacuation of kitchen area to safe location in event of fire or other emergency
-- Maintain fast, accurate service, positive guest relations, and ensure products are consistent with quality standards
-- Perform other duties as requested

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