Company Name:
American Eagle
Agent - Station Agent - 11667
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Job Title
Agent - Station Agent
Customer Services
LEX Lexington, KY 40510, US
Job Type
Job Level
Education Required
High school diploma or equivalent/GED
% Travel Required
None/Not Specified
Job Description
Station Agents promote and sell air travel with American Eagle and American Airlines and/or other contracted carriers, prepare itineraries, compute fares, issue refunds, prepare and issues tickets, check baggage and collect excess baggage charges in accordance with tariff rules. Agents are responsible for answering inquiries regarding general travel information. Agents perform duties in the departure lounges or at boarding gates when enplaning and deplaning passengers.
Station Agents also escort passengers from the terminal to and from aircraft ensuring a safe path at all times. Additionally, Station Agents complete all necessary arrangements for accommodating passengers with reservations,stand-bys, luggage, cabin availability and in-flight supplies. Agents will determine flight close-out times and prepare, complete and check various flight forms for accuracy.
Station Agents perform the loading and unloading of cargo on and off aircraft, transport cargo between terminals and aircraft; physical handling of freight and company material, clean and service cabin interiors, including cockpit, lavatories and draining lavatories. Station Agents also provideguidemanfunctions, use X-ray equipment and other safety related equipment and provide de-icing service to the aircraft when needed. At some locations, Station Agents may be required to drive a bus with excess of 25 passengers to and from the terminal.
Job Requirements
Candidates must be able to read, write, fluently speak and understand the English language, and in Caribbean bases, Spanish is also desirable. Candidates must be willing and able to work rotating shifts, including nights, weekends and holidays. Must be able to report to work on a regular and timely basis.
Minimum Age:18

Education:High school diploma or equivalent
License: Valid driver''s license

Experience:One (1) year of customer service experience

Physical Requirements: Must be able to perform all duties under sometimes stressful conditions beyond the employee''s control while attempting to influence a favorable impression of American Eagle, American Airlines or any other contracted airline service provided by Envoy. May be subject to engine fumes, vehicle emissions, dust and engine noise. Must be able to carry, bend, lift, and turn with bags and parcels weighing up to 75 lbs. Must be able to climb and descend stairs as well as stand for long periods of time. Use depth perception and peripheral vision to meet arriving aircraft by standing to operate a mobile mechanical jet-bridge with a length of up to 110 ft. and weighing approximately 57,000 lbs. Drive automobile, trucks, buses, and tugs (standard and automatic transmission vehicles) in areas congested with aircraft, moving and stationary vehicles and equipment. Open and close aircraft cabin doors, without assistance, by pushing, pulling, reaching, bending and twisting. May equip airplane cabin with supplies as well as carrying equipment and supplies weighing up to 50 lbs. on-board aircraft. Work in confined spaces to hand clean, using cleaning fluid and materials, the interior of aircraft including meal trays, lavatories, overhead storage bins and buffets.

Training:New hires will go through five (5) weeks of training. Some portions of training will be held away from home base.

Uniforms:The Company will pay 50% for the employee''s first uniform set and the employee shall pay 50%. The employee''s portion will be payroll deducted. Tattoos, body piercings or tongue rings may not be visible while in company issued uniform at any time. Tattoos cannot be covered with adhesive bandages or by other methods, to render them not visible. Hand tattoos or tattoos above the shoulders are not allowed.

Employment Requirements: Must possess the legal right to work in the United States. Federallaw requires Envoy to determine an applicant''s history of Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and/or alcohol violation(s) or refusal(s) to test before hiring him/her into a safety-sensitive position. This position may be subject to DOT testing. If applicable to the position, a candidate must fulfill a fingerprint-based criminal background check to qualify for unescorted access privileges to airport security identification display areas (SIDA). Candidates must also be able to secure appropriate airport authority and/or US customs security badges, in addition to clearing other airport related requirements, if applicable.
Envoy is an Equal Opportunity Employer, Minorities/Women/Veterans/Disabled.
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